PADI Open Water Diver course in Sabah

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Package Highlights

  • Learn how to become a diver in a 3-day course!
  • Receive your Open Water Diver license and Dive Logbook upon completion!
  • Chance to see turtles, cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopuses, nudibranchs and much more
  • Dive with one of the best dive centers in Sabah: UnderPressure Explorers

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Pick a schedule
8:00am: Meet dive crew near Semporna Jetty. Address: Block H, Lot 46 Semporna Seafront, Taman Bandar Semporna, 91308 Semporna, Sabah
Day 1: Theory Presentations and Training
The first day begins with theory presentations, watch PADI Open Water Diver videos to gain a basic understanding of the training required for certification and knowledge review quizzes and, if feasible, complete the exam as well.
Day 2: Confined Water training & Open Water Diving
On the second day, you’ll head to the nearby island Sibuan for training session in which you’ll learn the basic skills required for diving. There Youll learn the fundamental skills to Scuba safety and practices during diving. Then for the last dive of the day, we will conduct our first open water dive which surpasses 5m of water at a maximum depth of 12m. - Safety briefing will be conducted before dives. Upon return we may catch up on theory if necessary.
Day 3: Open Water Diving and Certification
By the third day youll have finished the theory section of the PADI Open Water Diver course. You will go diving again to complete the final 3 Open Water Course dives at a maximum depth of 18m. - Safety briefing will be conducted before dives. All dives are conducted at dive sites that are chosen specifically for new divers. Youll marvel at the underwater marine life, colorful corals, various fish to be found here.
At the end of the 3 days, youll have learned everything you need to know for recreational diving. The PADI Open Water Diver certificate allows you to go diving with anyone who also holds a diving certificate, but gaining enough experience beforehand is highly recommended. The next step would be to take the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. Please consult the dive center for details.
What's included in your package?
  • PADI Open Water Diver course (including certification if mastery is achieved)
  • All required course materials: student manual, dive table, logbook
  • All diving equipment
  • Lunch
  • Boat transfers
What's NOT included in your package?
  • Transport from Tawau or elsewhere to Semporna Jetty
  • Accommodation/hotel
  • Underwater photos

Standard Room at Hosanna Village

Available amenities: Aircon, Private bathroom, Shower with hot water

How To Get There

How To Get There

The dive shop and jetty are located in the town of Semporna, in the east coast of Sabah, about an hour’s drive away from Tawau which has the nearest airport. You can go there with one of the following options:

By Flight

  • This is, by far, the fastest option. However, if you are also flying back after diving, you must wait at least 18 hours (24 hours recommended) before flying, otherwise you risk getting decompression sickness, also known as “The Bends”.  Plan your flight timings accordingly.
  • You can fly from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau (3 hours), or from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau (1 hour).
  • After landing, you can take a taxi to Semporna which is about 82km away. It will take about one hour.
  • We can arrange the transport from Tawau airport to Semporna for RM25 per person, one way. Let us know at or +60 11 122 69256 if you need us to arrange this.

By Bus

  • This is a cheaper alternative to flying, but takes significantly more time.
  • It takes about 11 hours to get from Kota Kinabalu (Inanam station) to Semporna by bus.
  • You can book bus tickets online using websites such as CatchThatBus and EasyBook.
Payment & Cancellation

Payment & Cancellation


  • Upon booking, the full price will be collected.
  • You will receive a confirmation email in 24 hours or less.
  • We will suggest alternative dates if your chosen dates are not available.


  • 100% refund if you cancel 7 days or more before your booked date
  • 50% refund if you cancel 6 days or less before your booked date
Other Information
  • Diving license is NOT required.
  • Minimum age is 10.
  • As designated to the date of reservation, trips start at 8:00-8:30AM to 4:30-5:00PM everyday, depending on the conditions of the sea. (Start time may be subjected to change in the future).
  • Any late comers or no shows who wishes to reschedule for the following day will be charged a rescheduling fee of RM 150. “Late-comer” is considered anyone that shows up after the boat departs from the jetty.
Room Type

No Room, Standard Room

18 reviews for PADI Open Water Diver course in Sabah

  1. Irene0780

    It was my first overseas scuba diving and the experience was awesome!! The instructors were nice and kind. The diving schedule were tailor-made to fit my schedule. Eight dives were arranged within three days and they offered free transportation for return trips from Tawau airport to the diving resort. They also arranged local tours to the site attractions at very reasonable price. They would recommend places for good local food. Just give them the number of days for staying and they will take care of you and arrange everything! Thanks for giving me a great diving experience for my first time!

  2. Katielaulau

    Semporna is a wonderful place for diving and relaxing. I had a trip there in Dec 2019 and had no idea which dive tour to join. Fortunately, I found one of the shop there and all staffs are helpful and experienced, this dive shop is Underpressure explorers. This shop locates at the edge of semporna tourist area there are many dive shops, restaurants and souvenir shops. You wouldn’t miss this shop because of their decorations in pink color, I also attracted by this color and join their dive packages later. Their staffs would patiently explain any your doubts about diving, and serve customers with passionate.I join their dive tour for three days, the sea water temperature is between 26 and 28 degrees, crystal clear water and no strong current. It’s really comfortable. I rented the whole set equipment by the shop, all equipment are brand new. And when I was diving, the dive instructors are skilful and looked after me carefully.I highly recommend UnderPressure Explorers to all of you guys, and I must join again this dive shop in next time 🙂

  3. Vincent_hk_Ma

    I highly recommend this diving shop especially if you are from Hong Kong. The reason is simple that the owner of this shop is a nice couple coming from Hong Kong.My trip was so wonderful as the diving package was really at good price. They provided me with good quality diving gears and excellent service. I felt I was a V.I.P. even though it was a budget trip.I am so impressed by the quality of their staff. What I remember is the guy who named Jemery can speak good Cantonese and fluent English. Of course, he is so professional in guiding my diving trip.I will book their package if I go there again!

  4. tnt2k1

    I went out of my to travel to Semporna to do some scuba diving, specifically around the Sipadan Island. The dive operators I’ve researched (probably around 5) only offered multi-day dives, which was something that I did not want to do. This was how I came across Underpressure Explorers; they offered a one day trip to Sipadan.The day trip was a full day from morning to late afternoon, with three dives. Though they serve you lunch, I would recommend bringing some snacks and beverages for your own consumption. Jeremy, the dive master and manager, was very responsive to my emails and very detailed about the itinerary and expectations. As your trip gets closer, you can also text/WhatsApp him for instant responses. His experience was evident; he was able to figure out my wetsuit size and weights just by looking at me. He knows what nooks and crannies to look for marine life, and it was a cool experience to dive around a cavern.He will even go as far as to film you and send it to you without any issues if you choose to do so and is very personable. Make sure you go to his breakfast spot a few doors down from his shop.

  5. verdesangre

    Great diving with the Underpreassure crew. They are helpful and accommodating; I got vegetarian food.The divers are very responsible and respectful of the nature, as well as highly trained. All the trouble from preparing your gear and moving to the diving points is already taken care by the staff. You only need to think about enjoying your diving.

  6. townsville10

    I had a great experience with Underexplorers they arranged 3 days of diving 2 local and one at Sipada all good The large school of Jack fish and the bump heads at Sipadan were the highlights there On the local dives we found a big variety of interesting small things also many nudibranch and turtlesThe staff were very good made it easy for me 🙂 thanks Jeremy and all the guys John

  7. Andrea B

    Very professional Company.I booked 2 day Trips with snorkeling and diving.They were Amazing with kind and professional staff.It was my First dive in my Life.Armin, the guide, was a perfect trainer.He explained me everything clearly. Before diving we checked everything in the surface of the Sea and he was Always around me under the water showing the beauty of the Sea.He Also took me some Pics while diving with wonderful big sea turtles.Amazing experience.I Raccomend It!

  8. sabinem61

    Hi everyone! I’m a little french girl that moved around Borneo. I had the great opportunity to dive in Sipadan with UnderPressure Explorers. It’s a new dive center where the equipment is all new and the instructors are really passionate and conscientious. I dove quite a lot in Malaysia and I can say that it’s the best center I’ve dived with so far. They do take time for safety and biodiversity instructions (it’s really not like that everywhere) and we can go up according to our air consumption and not after 40min like most of their colleagues. Sometimes, very little details can bother you during the all dive, but Jeremy did his best to reduce any sort of possible problem so thanks to him, I truly enjoyed diving. It’s super important in such a special place like Sipadan! It is so beautiful, everything seems unreal, it would be a pity to waste this opportunity in a “tourist factory”. Besides, they speak a perfect english so you won’t have any problem communicating with them. I highly recommend them! Also, Jeremy is a very nice person who didn’t hesitate to invite me for a drink with other divers. That’s super nice when you don’t know anybody and come on your own for the love of diving! Well, and if you don’t know Sipadan… Do not miss it because it’s really the most incredible place I’ve had the chance to visit so far!! I wish you a great future dive with them 😉

  9. Anjastrande

    I went diving to Sipadan with Underpressure Explorers for one day, it was three amazing dives. The staff is very nice and helpful, they have very experienced dive guides who will show you the very best of Sipadan. They were really helpful and did everything they could to give us the best experience possible, we got long and nice dives with lots of nice fish, sharks, turtles and great coral. Perfect location right by the jetty, in the heart of Semporna. The equipment is really new and reliable, they will provide everything you need to have a great dive. Since there are many Chinese customers in Semporna, most dive centers only have instructors that speak Chinese/Malay, but Underpressure Explorers have Chinese, Malay AND English instructors! If you are looking to go to Sipadan, Underpressure Explorers is a great option. They do one day trips to Sipadan (3 dives) at a great price, it’s an amazing experience with a great dive center! Thank you for the dive and happy bubbles!

  10. Marcos R

    I was diving with UnderPressure Explorers this year, and Jeremy make it an amazing experience since he organized local dives close to Semporna and also a day trip with 3 dives in Sipadan, that was a place I always wanted to go diving!The diving there is AMAZING, the equipment from the dive shop is pretty new and really good quality! The costumer service was the best part since they are all really nice people and helped me around Semporna. The dive shop is really easy to locate, in the central area, close to the pier, really clean and big, with good installations for who is thinking about doing the diving course there.I extremely recommend to dive with UnderPressure Explorers, so you make sure to have a good experience diving in Sipadan.

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